Where to begin…

The record is finally here. One that was a long time in the making. In true Rock and Roll fashion we all paid a  price: motorcycle accidents, arrests, divorce, psychiatric hospitals, breaking into psychiatric hospitals, many beers, joblessness, a touch of hopelessness…but we stuck together and some how in the end, it was all worth it. We have many of you to thank for it as well…

Much love to the following:

  • Jason LaFarge and Seizures Palace for getting the sounds down
  • Sami Yaffa and Acoustic Voodoo Studios who got the vibe out in one week before flying to Europe on tour
  • Wes Carnes who in a few hours notice, blew us away free stylin on the Farfisa on an overdub session on Mickie Brown
  • Cover Photo by Josh Casino
  • Back Cover image by David Horowitz
  • Family, friends and fans who stuck by us
  • The folks at Bowery Electric
  • Holly, Mary, Deannie & the staff at Fontana’s
  • Our Brothers in the Lower East Side Stitches
  • Patrick, Donald, Lauren, and all at The Double Down Saloon
  • Les “You Guys” Opiola and Jan “fuck you…in a good way” Abrosiewicz
  • Joe Rizzo and Michael Wildwood for extraordinary drumming in a pinch
  • Fred Tenny and Rivington Music Rehearsal Studios
  • Ricky Bacchus and the Luckiest Girls
  • Kevin O’Sullivan and The Big Con


The Threads

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