New York City’s The Threads,

In 2017 we will release our third effort yet to be named.

Mick, Andy, Roger, Anthony, & Chris are The Threads.

Born out of the frustration of the dying Rock & Roll scene in Manhattan’s Lower East Side. The Threads are a band of rockers who long for the days of the Tompkins Square Riots, squatters on every corner instead of a Starbucks, and no fucking bike lanes. All veterans of other sleazy NYC rock outfits, the gentlemen came together to pursue one goal: to create a true and honest rock show.

Started in 2004 by Mick Brown, lead singer of the infamous Lower East Side Stitches, guitarist Roger Jaghoo after a Super Bowl party dissolved into an alcohol fueled jam session. The idea was to play straight up Rock & Roll. Not Punk Rock, or Indie Rock, or Glam Rock, but straight up Rock music which had been lacking for quite some time. Joined by then-bassist Andy Dahill the band began gigging around Manhattan’s Lower East Side and East Village. After some time playing such clubs as Continental, Fontana’s, The Delancey, Lit, & Sine-E the burden of the Rock & Roll lifestyle took its toll on the band. Andy took a break to record with the U.S. Bombs, Jason began touring with Murphy’s LawRoger left the group and founded The Bullitts alongside with Andy. Mick & Bam enlisted new members but the band seemed to have run its course. After Mick rejoined the newly resurrected L.E.S. Stitches (with Andy in tow), it seemed as though The Threads were no more.

Flash forward to the Fall of 2009.

With L.E.S. Stitches back on hiatus, Mick and Andy were suddenly available. Roger, now owner of the East Village’s International Bar gave them both jobs at his establishment and soon the boys started talking, laughing, and reminiscing about their time in The Threads. The idea came up to do a reunion show, simply for shits & giggles. Mick was back on the mic, Roger on guitar, Andy took over the 2nd guitar position. The fellas had such a good time doing a simple one-off that they decided to write some new songs play more shows. The lineup would have to be adjusted though.

With no official bass player, the guys tried out a few fill in’s before finding Anthony Tricarico. Anthony’s wife Dana, a long time friend of Mick’s from the days of the  L.E.S. Stitches suggested him to Mick after yet another bass player didn’t work out. It only took one rehearsal before Ant (as he referred to by the band) was officially a member. The band counted on drummer friends to fill in for various gigs (including Dgeneration’s, Michael Wildwood and The Waldo’s, Joe Rizzo) before finding Chris Cilione of Who Killed Bambi?. Chris was a perfect fit on the drums due to his Punk Rock background and New York Rock & Roll style. The new lineup was finally set. The Threads started recording “Love & Other Bad Decisions” in May of 2011 at Seizures Palace Recording in Brooklyn, NY. After close to a year of writing, recording, and re-recording the album was handed over to close friend Sami Yaffa (Hanoi Rocks, NY Dolls, Mad Juana, Michael Monroe Band) to mix and master. After all these years off & on together the band’s 1st full length record was released in the Summer of 2012.  In the years since the group formed, The Threads have gained a following of young & old, non-hipster, true rock & roll fans through their catchy songs and energetic live show. Their music is a mix of everything you ever screamed or fucked to, or would ever want to.

In 2015 The Threads we released …In A Good Way – Dedicated to the memory of Les “Fazi” Opiola. 

Some of the bands we’ve enjoyed sharing a stage with recently are The Queers, Barb Wire Dolls, HEAP, The Nuclears, The Sweet Things, Prima Donna, The Biters, The Dwarves, The Chelsea Smiles, The Waldo’s, Born Loose, The Big Con…Rock on.